A Mosaic-Novel

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Seven stories about moments of divine revelation through music, which leave no mark beyond the ephemeral instant of their perception: a teacher whose autistic ward inexplicably writes down one of the fundamental values of theoretical physics; a librarian whose dream of the Great Library is reenacted upon her computer screen; a man who buys a music box that when played provides a glimpse into his alternative life; an elderly woman that, hearing a hand organ in a train station, begins to have visions of the death of everyone she encounters; a retired SETI scientist who, despite having no real interest in art, suddenly begins to paint a strange first contact signal; a dying professor who finally has a chance to hear in the form of music the answers to the ultimate questions; and a violin-maker's apprentice who knows the truth behind his master's mysterious suicide.


"[...] once again the author has shown his control and mastery over his spare prose, a style entirely appropriate to the quietude of his subject and themes, where silence is as much an element as melody."

"Though it is too soon to crown [Zoran Zivkovic] the new Borges, Seven Touches of Music makes him a leading candidate."
The New York Times Book Review, USA


Published in the UK (serialization in the magazine Interzone, September, October, November, December 2001, January and February 2002), in Croatia by Izvori, 2001, in Bulgaria by Prozorec, 2002, in Spain by Minotauro, 2004, in the UK by PS Publishing, 2006, as a part of the mega-collection Impossible Stories, and in the USA by Aio Publishing, 2006.

Stories from the book published in the USA (The Year's Best Horror and Fantasy anthology, St. Martin's Griffin, 2003), in Russia (Luchshee Za God anthology, Azbuka-Klassika, 2005) and in France (UtopiŠ 2006 anthology, L'Atalante, 2006).