A Mosaic-Novel

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Five women of various ages face, each in her own way, what seems to be the deterministic trap of Fate: a freshman in a girls' boarding school with the strange ability to share other people's dreams; a young woman in a straitjacket, desperately trying to locate a very particular future; a middle-aged skier refusing to be just a puppet on a string; an elderly fortune-teller with insufficient faith in her own trade; finally, an old lady whose very precious alarm clock is suddenly broken. And engulfing all of them, a strange mist through which no-one can see clearly...


"Zivkovic's characteristic empathetic surrealism works with a special elegance here, summarizing beautifully the existential redemption fantasy can afford."
Locus, USA 

"Once again [Steps through the Mist] definitely serves to demonstrate that Zoran Zivkovic is a writer of great talent and vision, a man for whom the mists are perhaps a little clearer than for the rest of us."
The Alien Online, UK


Published in Spain by Minotauro, 2004, in the UK by PS Publishing, 2006, as a part of the mega-collection Impossible Stories, and in the USA by Aio Publishing, 2007.

Stories from the book published in the UK (magazine Interzone, September, November/December 2002, January, February, March 2003), in Finnland (magazine Tähtivaeltaja, 2/2003), and in France (magazine Les moutons électriques, Fall 2005).

A story from Steps through the Mist ("Alarm Clock on the Night Table") was broadcasted by the radio BBC 7 on 11th March 2007.