Longlisted for 2005 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.




A Novel

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The Book is not quite a novel, although almost half of it takes the form of a narrative, neither is it an essay, although quite a lot of what is said in it adopts that style. It is actually closest to that rare type or "para-genre" of satirical prose embodied in the exemplary In Praise of Folly by the famous humanist from Rotterdam. Instead of the "Folly," of human manias and absurdities, here, in a similar kind of double-talk, the books themselves "speak," those monuments to our intelligence, ambitions and self-importance, and they primarily "speak" by making an analogy between man's fate and that of books—to man's detriment, of course.


"Zivkovic's notes of erudite perversity, playful textual misdirection, and parodic exaggeration make The Book a celebration of and lamentation for all books, an epitome and paragon of the species."
Locus, USA


"[A] novel of brilliant reversals (...) Zivkovic elegantly renders an author's worst night-terror and in doing so has written a tale that teeters between tremendously funny and deadly serious satire."
Review of Contemporary Fiction, USA


Published in the USA by Prime Books, 2003, in South Korea by Munidang, 2004, in Greece by Kedros Publishers, 2006, and in Spain by 451 Editores, 2007.

To be published in Portugal, by Cavalo de Ferro, 2008, and in the UK by PS Publishing, 2008.