The Milos Crnjanski Award winner 1994.


A Novel

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What could a computer wizard self-exiled in an abandoned Buddhist temple possibly have in common with the humble servant of a medieval fresco painter? What is the link between the enigmatic mission of a giant radio-telescope and a tribe of spherical beings who dwell in a world full of unearthly scents and herbs? What will bring four great scientists from various centuries, Archimedes, Ludolph van Ceulen, Nikola Tesla and Stephen Hawking, to the same spot in time? What has this got to do with Rama, a female computer program, impregnated by a strange ape? And, above all, why is it necessary for Sherlock Holmes and Moriarti to join forces so that the Fourth Circle can finally be closed?



"In its rich tapestry of prose and compositional skills, as well as in its imaginative leaps and intellectual sophistication, The Fourth Circle must be considered, so far, as the author's masterpiece, an acclamation that extends well beyond a mere appreciation of Zivkovic's own and singular work.", USA


"When the pieces of The Fourth Circle resolve themselves into a unity in the reader's mind, something very like (an) epiphany occurs. Overall, one of the more extraordinary moments in recent SF, and one of the most beautiful (...) The richness of this novel is such that it can accommodate any number of interpretations; it will certainly sustain years of literary analysis. Circle is the finest allegory of understanding to hit the shelves in some time."
Locus, USA


Published in Russia by Amphora, 2002, in the USA by Night Shade Books/Ministry of Whimsy, 2004, in Bulgaria by Infodar, 2005, and in Slovenia by Blodnjak, 2006.