A Very Short Novel, without Chapters, about Writing and Darkness

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Where does all the writing come from? Is it divine inspiration, a bolt of lightning that reveals a whole new work in a single glimpse, or a unique gift granted by demonic forces to penetrate the darkness and see beyond it? Two fundamental principles of the most noble of all arts are in the permanent collision, surrounded by the contagious environment of the authors' vanity, envy, malice.


"Ultimately, we're not sure who the book's title refers to: we could be reading the novelist's work, or the narrator's, or someone else's entirely (and an ingenious textual feature serves to further complicate everything) [...] Zivkovic suggests that the complex relationship between writer and reader can indeed get knotty to the point that a novel might as well have literally no one as its author."
Context, USA

"This is Zivkovic at his funniest, a glorious satire on the pompous myopia of establishment novelists and their naturalistic art; but it is also an acute interrogation of the altogether dissimilar inspirational wellsprings of literary realism and of SF, the one too facilely direct, based in observation of the obvious and readily illuminated, the other dark, uncertain, challenging. The oneiric resolution of the SF writer's tics and dilemmas is a surrealist tour de force."
Locus, USA


Published in the USA by Prime Books, 2003, and  in Spain by 451 Editores, 2007.

To be published in the UK by PS Publishing, 2008.