A Mosaic-Novel

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What lies behind the human urge to collect things? What is the true psychology of the kleptomaniac? These questions bear on all of us; within every person there lurks a fanatical philatelist or a monomaniacal lepidopterist, just waiting to burst forth. In his new story cycle, Twelve Collections, Zoran ®ivković, the master of mind-bending surreal fantasy, applies his fertile mind to this problem. Some of ®ivković’s characters are lonely eccentrics, driven to gather unusual objects by quirks of temperament or fate; others are the victims of metaphysical collectors from Beyond, entities eager to snap up memories, emotions, and other loose fragments of the soul. In these pages are explained the profound karmic consequences of photographic narcissism, insane record-keeping, the archiving of one’s nail clippings, and the infinite savouring of words; here also are exemplary warnings against surrendering hope, living without creativity, accepting too blithe a Heaven, and answering the phone in the middle of a dream-haunted night. Of course, even with such sage counsel, life remains uncertain and perilous; but even if ultimate answers can never be found, a ®ivković collection is always eminently collectable… Also in this volume: The Teashop, a superb new novelette about storytelling and the miraculous weavings of Fate.


To be published in the UK by PS Publishing, 2006.

A five part TV series "The Collector", produced by the Belgrade based Studio B Television, is based on this book.